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Monday, May 7, 2012

The LACK of WOMEN in Math and Sciences Today

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  1. Very Interesting!

    Another reason why women test better (on IQ), take more science courses, and do better - and still do not go into the field; is because being in a male dominated field means they will spend most of their work predominantly with men.

    The men will probably be more "masculine", plus I think women are attracted to being with people (even if they're very talented). I think there's a cultural barrier. Anytime a field is traditionally male - when women do go into it, they get very mistreated.

    You have to be really motivated to do this particular field to overcome it. Women are subjected to a hostile environment. Plus there's a deeper reason (in my opinion): science has been made the hand servant of industry. Who wants to go in and be a geologist JUST to find oil -- and perpetuate an oil driven economy? Who wants to study biology or physiology and develop new drugs or products? It doesn't mean women are not interested in science for its own sake but the harm it is doing to humanity makes it an 'unattractive field'.

    Then there is gender. Even though I don't have studies to back this up...I think some doctors have attributed this to loosing self-esteem. I'm not challenging that. That explanation is very compatible - to my point - that any woman going out on a dig for archaeology (for example): facilitates men and women; and doesn't a woman have to worry that at the middle of the night someone sneaks into her tent and accosts her? It does lower her self esteem.