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Thursday, November 15, 2012



BIRTH Trailer

BIRTH is a brand new documentary feature film by award-winning filmmaker Christopher Carson and best-selling childbirth author/teacher Suzanne Arms. This film is narrated by actress Carrie-Anne Moss, the mother of three children.

BIRTH features interviews with some of the most notable and leading edge practitioners, researchers and educators in the fields of pregnancy, childbirth, maternal-newborn care, women's health, breastfeeding, birth trauma, brain science and obstetric and neonatal practices.

BIRTH examines the midwifery model of childbirth and the medical obstetrical model of childbirth and compares the two models for levels of safety, cost, quality of care as well as immediate and long-term effects on our children and our families.

BIRTH features interviews and footage of mothers who have had a wide variety of birth experiences in hospitals, in birth centers, and their homes.  It also includes births in water, birth in the squatting position and even a birth in the ocean.

Suzanne Arms: "...Whatever amount you give makes you part of this ground-breaking hard-hitting show to transform how we bring babies into the world and care for each birthing woman."