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Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Abortion. My Life. Conversation Night

My Abortion. My Life. Conversation Night
May 26, 2011

We want to share reports of My Abortion. My Life.'s successful Conversation Night as an inspirational tool to hopefully aid in developing your own speakout.

The website, My Abortion. My Life. is a public awareness campaign in Cleveland, Ohio - sponsored by Preterm, They seek to end the silence and shame surrounding abortion by creating a new and positive conversation about abortion in the lives of American women.

According to My Abortion. My Life.’s Facebook and Website, on May 26, 2011 My Abortion. My Life. held a Conversation Night at the B-Side Lounge in Cleveland Heights, which was attended by close to 100 people.

One of the organizers, Linda Jane, Director of Development and Communication of Preterm in Cleveland, told us the lounge was installed with 20 of Heather Ault's posters. Candles, flowers, food, and abortion songs added to the decor. Huge panels of paper hung for people to write on. “Several women came up to tell their stories. Many of the stories were funny. A mother and daughter talked about their mother’s abortion. Two women told their stories of serial abortions and the feelings involved. There was also a photo booth where women could have their pictures taken holding signs that said, ‘Abortion Saved My _____.’ They filled in the blank. “

Their website explains that My Abortion. My Life. “wants to promote a new dialogue, one that shifts the conversation from the rhetorical to the experiential, from the language of politics to the language of real women and men. Only through sharing our truths about abortion can we truly support women’s full range of reproductive options."

And Women's Health in Women's Hands fully agrees!

Please get in contact with us and let’s work to de-stigmatize abortion.

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