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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vessel The Film

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Women on Waves, sail a ship around the world to countries where abortion is illegal. Using a hotline for communication, the activists pick up women at the port and transport them twelve miles offshore, just outside of domestic waters, where doctors on board can administer safe and legal medical abortions at sea.

Message from Diana Whitten: "After producing and collecting footage from 10 years of campaigns and a three month initial editing phase, I am now on hiatus from editing to find the last of the post-production and finishing funds. As an independent filmmaker - who has done this project primarily as a labor of love, but can't move forward without support - I feel the more people who know and care about the project, the closer I will get to finding this funding.

A few days ago my TEDx talk, about the film and media strategies I am working with WoWeb to develop, was posted here:"

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