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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Birthing Our Babies!


It's been over a year since this project began and Carol Downer has attended a lot of workshops, conferences, and met many incredible people.  This webpage is for all who have contributed their thoughts, energy, and criticisms; and it is also a celebration of the amazing work done by those in the past - including the sometimes under appreciated work of the Feminist Women's Health Centers.

Women's Health in Women's Hands decided to include a full PDF version of the Feminist Classic "Woman-Centered Pregnancy and Birth" by Ginny Cassidy-Brinn, R.N., Francie Hornstein, and Carol Downer - Illustrations by Suzann Gage.  It is now available for anybody to read and share with others.  And as stated on the webpage: "Although the books information is correct - over the interfering years, doctors have invented new technology and have found other reasons to promote intervention that need to be carefully evaluated by the woman; and we are contemplating adding new information.  We appreciate any input you may have - we will be working on a version of this book that can be edited...So please let us hear from you!"

For all who think and know that having people 'choose their birth attendant and the place to give birth' is essential:
And make sure to keep posted - because there is more to come.

Women's Health in Women's Hands